Global Supplies’ History

The technical solution for communication, trading, financial and legal operations was successfully functioning in frames of JPC Commerce’s CRM. 

The solution saves hundreds of man/hours, increased productivity, but had one huge drawback - its low bandwidth.

Each request had to be imported from many sources into the CRM where it was processed relatively quickly and exported through managers of different departments, with the uncontrolled interpretation of information, to potential partners.

The lack of a dominant digital ecosystem in the middle of the global B2B market has led to the idea of expanding the capacity of an existing technical solution by creating a new product accessible to all market participants.
In March 2018, using the experience and expertise of a trading company to structure the partners' visions and wishes, we published marketplace for the first time. However, the lack of expertise in digital product development, high demand, and limitations in technology we selected have made our team face the need to find new technology partners and development scenarios.
The successful selection of the developer team (BeOne software) and the loyalty of the users to the previous product provided a great creative resource in meeting the needs of the market.

We re-structured our partner values, used feedback from previous website users, and decomposed our product mission!

Thanks to the expertise of the trading company, the experience of the MVP 2018 users, the knowledge and insight of the development team and the unbridled desire to help the industry, Global Supplies is today the world's first food product marketplace with the most intuitive, secure, wide and profitable functionality on the market.

We do not stop there, and day by day, we increase the number of categories and the quality of the website’s functionality!

Our mission

An effective and comfortable in use safe and profitable digital ecosystem in food trading both on the local and international markets.


To digitize the price and speed of each word in the food sector of the global economy to create a bona fide civilized and the best communication digital ecosystem in the most important sector of the world economy.


  • > Digitalization of prices and each word’s speed in the B2B food production sector. 
  • > Creation of the best world’s trading and communication business toolkit in the food production sector of the economy.
  • > Using digital technologies to reach victory in the fight against hunger led by the UN.

Our Values

Food supply

we are living in the era of food market supersaturation, where overconsumption rules and food is utilized, and at the same time, where 90 million people are starving.

Fast reaction

there are more than 900 million starving people over the globe and 300 million of them are children! That’s why we have little time. With no exaggeration, our team considers being important making the right decisions,meeting deadlines and commitments on time!

Safety and Capital

food and financial security are one of the most important values of Global Supplies. Digital reputation and a multilevel way of verifying users, this is the only way to make it easier for fraudsters to access food and capital today!


The key to our success is a conscious understanding of the importance of our mission by each member of our team. We value the development and implementation of knowledge in a result. Global Supplies is the team of 200 engineers and managers who works persistently day by day to create the most profitable, secure and comfortable digital ecosystem to provide treading and communication worldwide.


For Subscribers - the best ecosystem, technical support, cargo and capital insurance, forwarding and logistics services!

For Advertisers – their targeted audience in the food sector worldwide.

For the UN  - prompt technical solution.

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