Buy and sell meat using the first B2B platform where you can trade
online with producers, importers and distributors.


Global Supplies is a modern meat trading tool directly between the manufacturer and the importer or distributor. It is an international B2B Internet platform that hosts a wide range of products directly from manufacturers, and abroad range of consumer queries.

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In order to combine supply and demand on one site, we decided to allow meat producers to display their products on the site. Customers place requests. We abandoned all sorts of hidden commissions. Our goal is to optimize food flows from regions to surplus in deficit regions.

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We are not just an online service, we are Eurocommerce LTD, a company that has been in the meat market for 20 years, and offers a modern trading tool, the benefits of which:

Ability to work directly
with the supplier

We offer full direct cooperation within the platform, correspondence, calls, tenders and other services in one information field.

Online trading

Online trading with all market participants - on our site you can provide a price comment (BID) under each offer.

Standardization of Incoterms

In your personal office you can use standardized every incoterms business process, which allows you to conduct structured workflow in one information field.

Implemented all the user's wishes

We are a food platform that has already implemented all the user's wishes.


Every registration Global Services Security checks thoroughly for the relevance of the data entered and the integrity of the user.


We are an open company that does not work with hidden pricing tools or for secret fees.

How to start an active job at Global Supplies?


You need to register, post an offer or request, compete online with the rest of the market participants, choose the most favorable terms, initiate a step-by-step business buying / selling process.

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We offer the most adapted functionality
for meat b2b business


You can trade (to give BID) in online mode with all market participants, offer your prices, time, and type of delivery at once under the offer.

There is no such place anywhere!

You will see pricing statistics throughout the platform time - Global Supplies is an endless tool for price and market analysis!

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The site has a chat! You can write and receive messages directly in the registered account. You do not need to spend money on phone calls or store an infinite number of numbers in your phone, Global Supplies will do it for you.

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